IPS Oven Simulation
Design your oven to optimize heat transfer and curing using our unique simulation technology.
Accurate results are obtained by a conjugated heat transfer approach that combines detailed airflow simulations and nozzle to target interaction, with the resolved heat transfer within the target taking even the smallest gaps into account. The unparalleled performance provides close to real time results and the curing of a car can be simulated overnight on a desktop computer. The software is designed for process engineers and an oven is easily setup in just a few hours based on input from drawings, CAD or a scanned pointcloud. For the target objects the user provides a surface triangulation and material properties. State-of-the-art algorithms then automatically generates an adaptive mesh for the simulation. Temperature curves from simulations can be exported for use in thermomechanical analysis. Use cases for the software range from automotive industry to repair shops to furniture manufacturing and covers both convective and IR ovens.

Unique algorithms for accurate and close to real time simulation of oven curing

Powerful design tools and automatic meshing to setup your oven simulation in just a few hours

Proven accuracy in industrial benchmarks

Export of temperature curves for external thermomechanical analyses

Support for convective as well as IR ovens